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What are The Academies of Hampton?

The Academies of Hampton provide students with a clear path for graduation and a smooth transition from high school to a postsecondary college or a career field. Students become part of a learning community, completing courses together with students who share similar interest and desire to learn about a specific career field. Each academy provides that highly personalized small learning community, where students learn Academy-driven English, science, math, social studies, while meeting all graduation requirements. The Academies also offer advanced placement courses, dual enrollment courses, and industry certification exams to help students gain college credits and required credentials prior to high school graduation.

Academy teachers have an increased understanding or expertise in their Academy-focused courses, offering students special activities and events that provide greater awareness of the careers and job opportunities available after graduation. Potential employers share their knowledge and experience through classroom presentations, worksite visits, job shadowing, and internships, while advisors and business mentors introduce students to careers, opportunities, and industry skills through relevant, hands-on learning experiences with real-world applications.

What makes an Academy experience different?

  • Students learn in a small, personalized environment that is centered on and responsive to their needs and the needs of the community.
  • Students experience applied learning opportunities within themed Academies.
  • Students work with business and industry partners to solve real-world problems for authentic learning.
  • Students gain essential knowledge and skills to prepare them for successful postsecondary education, training, or employment.
  • Students engage in a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates academic and career education.
  • Students work within a culture of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking that promotes the development of leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Students earn certification credentials and have dual enrollment opportunities.

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What do the Academies of Hampton provide students?

  • Encouraging, nurturing, challenging, and rigorous learning opportunities
  • Positive relationships with parents and guardians, students, teachers, school staff, and industry and business partners
  • Training and resources to resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully
  • Supportive resources for students experiencing crisis, trauma, or serious challenges in their homes, school, and communities
  • Engaging academic and extracurricular activities that support academic, college and career goals
  • Effective communication between schools, parents, and communities
  • Clean, safe, and well-maintained learning environments that demonstrate school pride, love of learning, and a safe school community

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What are the academies?

Your Pathway to Success

Creating purposeful learning communities through hands-on experiences and career-focused learning environments.


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The Academies of Hampton

Providing students with a clear path for graduation and a smooth transition from high school to postsecondary college and careers.



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Steering & Operating

Guiding our Academies through Community Leadership.


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Bettering our students, our educators, and our communities through strong partnerships.


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The Academies of Hampton

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The Academies of Hampton

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Tenth through twelfth grade students participate in academies organized around themes that support high-demand, high-skill careers in the Hampton Roads region. Academy students graduate with a plan for a successful future and network of support to guide them along their way!

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