Freshman Academy

All incoming ninth graders in Hampton City Schools are enrolled in Freshman Academy. Freshman Academy provides students the opportunity to explore their strengths, interests, and possible academic and career pathways. It puts students on their unique pathway toward success, while surrounding them with a network of support along the way.

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Freshman Academy promotes an effective and positive transition from middle school to high school. It is designed to help students adjust to high school expectations, routines, and standards in a supportive and nurturing environment. The ninth grade instructional program also includes Success 101, a Freshman Seminar course designed to equip students with the study and social skills they need to succeed in high school. Success 101 helps students to explore their individual talents and participate in college and career awareness activities.

Ninth graders also become a member of a team supported by dedicated core teachers, a  Success 101 teacher, a school counselor, and an administrator. During the ninth grade experience, freshman engage in team-based activities, develop leadership skills,identify and grow their strengths, and discover new ways of thinking.

Freshman Academy experiences will not only help students make an informed decision as to which of the academies they will enroll in sophomore year, but what career journey they might like to embark on after high school.

Freshman Academy enables students to take ownership of their future!


Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge provides rising freshmen an opportunity to meet new classmates, build relationships with teachers and leadership, learn to navigate around the high school, and engage in activities that instill school pride, enthusiasm, and determination to complete high school prepared for post-secondary options.


Success 101

Success 101 engages freshmen in a course designed to help them explore their interests, discover career options that align with their interests, and investigate careers by education and training requirements. Experiences designed to help students discover “who am I, what do I want to do and who I want to be, and how do I get there” provide the foundation students need to create meaningful 10-year life plans.


My Future, My Journey Career Expo

My Future, My Journey Career Expo brings local industries and employers together to offer students interactive demon- strations that introduce them to many potential career opportunities, allow them to investigate careers of interest, and open their eyes to the possibilities they may not have considered.


College and Career Exploration

College and Career Exploration gives students first hand experiences to explore areas of study, college opportunities, and careers. College tours help freshmen imagine themselves as college students and establish the path they must navigate to successfully enter and complete their college experience and enter their future career field. Industry tours let students take a deeper dive into possible careers that align with their individual areas of interest.


Guest speakers

Guest speakers from various career fields share their real-world stories and help students see beyond the classroom to understand the connection between academic requirements and future career plans.


Project-based learning

Project-based learning allows students to apply classroom learning to real workplace or community challenges in an authentic environment.

career fair day with student and ems worker


Commitment to Graduate

Commitment to Graduate events bring teachers, leadership, community partners, families, and our freshmen together to help students focus on and commit to successfully completing high school, graduating, and then following a college, career, and life plan of action that enables them to achieve the success they desire.


The 10-year life plan

The 10-year life plan is designed for and by the student during their freshman year. As a personally relevant career focused plan, it serves as a guide to help students achieve their definition of success in education and careers, and attain their lifestyle goals. Through high school academic and real world experiences, students continue to investigate careers and update their high school, graduation, and post-secondary college, career and life plans.