The Academies of Hampton my future my journey

16 Academies, 41 Pathways, Which One Will You Choose?

The Academies of Hampton will provide career-focused small learning communities in which every young person will be prepared for success in a career, lifelong learning, and life.

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The Academies of
Bethel High School

The Governor’s Health Sciences Academy

Diagnostic Services

Therapeutic Services

Biotechnology Research and Development

Health Informatics and Support Services

Transportation, Analytics, Information, and Logistics

Business Management and Logistics

Programming and Data Analysis


Geospacial Technology and Unmanned Systems

The Academy of Media, Arts, and Design

Digital Media


The Academy of Law and Public Safety

Law and Legal Studies

Law Enforcement

Firefighter/ EMT

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The Academies of
Hampton High School

The Academy of Technology and Engineering

Engineering Design and Development

Information Technology

Audio Engineering

Construction Technology

The Academy of International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

The Academy of Health, Human and Financial Services

Counseling, Nutrition and Wellness

Financial Services

The Maritime Academy

Shipbuilding and Repair

Ship Design

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The Academies of
Kecoughtan High School

The Academy of Architecture, Environment, and Engineering –  Governor’s STEM

Architectural Engineering

Construction Design

Environmental Studies

The Academy of Entrepreneurship and Information Design

Entrepreneurship and Marketing

World Banking and Finance

Information Design

The Academy of Teaching, Education, and Learning

Child Development

Education and Training

The Academy of On Stage: Performing Arts Academy

Theater Performance

Theater Design and Technology

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The Academies of
Phoebus High School

The Academy of Cybersecurity, Engineering, and Robotics

Cybersecurity Systems Technology

Cybersecurity Software Operations

Engineering and Robotics


The Academy of Digital Video Production

Television and Media Production

Video Media Production

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Culinary Arts

Events Marketing

The Academy of Advanced College Experience

The Advanced College Experience

Gifted Enrichment Seminar (offered at all four high schools)
Requires students to be eligible for gifted education academic services.

In addition to the college and career academies, Hampton City Schools offers a differentiated option of cluster grouping for gifted high school students in grades nine and ten. This model offers students access to in-depth learning of curriculum content with time to go into greater depth and/or breadth on a given topic. Teachers offer curriculum compacting and differentiated learning opportunities. The smaller learning community consists of teachers in three core subject areas, English, science, and the social sciences. Gifted cluster courses require a minimum enrollment of 20 students. Students take a four-year sequence of courses that prepare them to be competitive at any college or university of their choice. Beyond the core subject areas, gifted students have wide and varied interests. They are then able to choose not only gifted seminar courses, but also any career pathway that is offered in the high school. The cluster grouping prepares them for the intellectual challenge in their futures; selecting a pathway in the high schools allows students to prepare for their careers. Therefore, students fulfill the core requirements of the gifted enrichment seminar and a career pathway.

What are the academies?

Your Pathway to Success

Creating purposeful learning communities through hands-on experiences and career-focused learning environments.


16 Academies 41 pathways

The Academies of Hampton

Providing students with a clear path for graduation and a smooth transition from high school to postsecondary college and careers.



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Steering & Operating

Guiding our Academies through Community Leadership.


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Bettering our students, our educators, and our communities through strong partnerships.


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The Academies of Hampton

Providing career-related events, resources, and opportunities!


The Academies of Hampton

The Academies of BHS

The Academies of HHS

The Academies of KHS

The Academies of PHS



The Academies of Hampton my future my journey
Tenth through twelfth grade students participate in academies organized around themes that support high-demand, high-skill careers in the Hampton Roads region. Academy students graduate with a plan for a successful future and network of support to guide them along their way!

The Academies of BHS

The Academies of HHS

The Academies of KHS

The Academies of PHS